Our Service


Our service provide assistance for catering events up to 30 people, with live cooking stations and banquet area for your private events.

Private Chef

Enjoy our Chef's delicious food in the comfort of your Home. An amazing and delicious experience made with specially chosen fresh ingredients. The service is designed to be relaxed and personable with your chef introducing each dish to the table, as well as clearing and cleaning down the kitchen and even doing the washing up before they leave!

Private Group


Our chef are masters of their craft, bringing next-level innovation and attention to detail to their cooking. When hiring one of our chef for your event you can expect something truly special.

Romantic Dinner

A perfect set up with candles and romantic lights set up in your house or on the beach or in the vineyard. Chef Francesco and his team will create a multi course menu with or without wine pairings. Every menu is customized to their likes.

Yoga Retreat

Our food is predominantly vegetarian and also vegan and every dish is freshly prepared with 100% organic, seasonal ingredients. We make sure that every single meal contains a huge variety of balanced nutrients, we also put a lot of love in every single dish. We take pride in presenting 'Instagram-worthy' buffets that are a feast not only for the taste buds but also for the eyes.

Cooking Classes

Enjoy the best cooking classes. Have a great experience cooking in your villa with your family , an opportunity to learn traditional recipes.

Breakfast and Brunch

Selection of market fruits, local cheeses, yogurt and granola, savory, hot sections and handmade jams. 


Be tempted with traditional and authentic flavours, love and comfort food in a modern way.


Prestige menu offers you a fine dining experience with luxury ingredients with a combination of flavours.


Menu based on signature dishes of Chef Francesco for his international experience and travels. 

Picnic on the Beach

We provide a Romantic, or a family style pic nic on the best beach location in Algarve. Let us surprise you and make your stay special. 

Private Chef

Experience you the unique opportunity to have for a day or more Chef Francesco and his staff at your complete service and to have your menu personalized to your desire and needs.

Online or in Person Cooking Classes

Let Chef Francesco assist you on line or in person with cooking classes. He provides Italian and Portugues cuisine cooking classes cooking, international cuisine according your needs.

Gourmet Menu Delivered to your Doorstep

Feeling like you need to try Artgarve food but In your own privacy and family time, let us assist you to desing a tasting menu at your stepdoor.

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